The New Reporter, Installation veiw, Art School Dismissed
Installation view of The New Reporter


The New Reporter, veiw of found letter, Art School Dismissed
Image of found drawing


detail of painting in The New Reporter
Detail of painting on projection screen



Installation view of The New Reporter
35-mm colour slides, two slide projectors,
slide fade unit, oil paint on projection screens ↓


The New Reporter (2010)

The New Reporter is a projection/painting installation created for Art School (Dismissed), a large site-specific exhibition held in the decommissioned Shaw Street School, a former Toronto primary school.

Heather Nicol, the curator of Art School (Dismissed), invited twenty-two artist teachers from universities, colleges and cultural organizations, primarily in the Toronto region, to make artwork in a century-old, decommissioned primary school in West Toronto.

The New Reporter, is a looped, 35-mm slideshow using two projectors and a fade unit. This projection equipment was used in the pre-digital era to create continuous slideshows; today, we use presentation software, such as PowerPoint, for this purpose. We chose the older technology for Art School (Dismissed) in response to the 1970s-era cabinets and classroom furniture in the Shaw Street School, and in order to reintroduce the familiar whirr of slide projectors into the now unoccupied school.

In our slideshow, a child’s drawing is pinned to a bulletin board and then removed. The drawing, titled The New Reporter, depicts what every intrepid newshound might wish for: a machine for recording sound and image, with a direct link to radio, TV and the newspaper — the whole thing mounted on wheels. It is signed by 'Sophia.' She has written an accompanying text (reproduced below) describing her invention. We found the drawing pinned to the bulletin board in the school library.

While the projectors project our slides, they also illuminate a monkey that we painted on the projection screen. We selected a monkey as our motif as a gesture towards the perennial dilemma of art instructors: that of critically addressing the expectations of students wishing only to learn to draw or paint in a highly representational or imitative manner.

The model for our monkey is a teak animal figurine created in the 1950s by the Danish Modern designer Kay Bojesen.

Sophia's text: The New Reporter.
It has wheels, a compass, a camera, and when it sees something happy, it films it, and then went the radio on. It comes back and shows the news reporter, and they put it on the news and the newspaper. It also helps people when they are hurt. They put the paper on the place it hurts, and then the radio.