Corner (2011-12)
oil on chromogenic print on aluminum
20 x 30 inches (50.8 x 76.3 cm)


Hydro Twoer Corner
Fallen Poster Corner


Exit Corner
Exit Corner


Image of St. Peter's Corner
St. Peter's Corner


Image of Seine Corner
Seine Corner

John Armstrong and Paul Collins, installation view of Da Bao (Takeout) at the Varley Art Gallery, Markham, Ontario, 2012
Corner (2011-12)
Academy, Caochangdi (2011-12) silent digital video, 65 minutes


Corner (2011-12) is a growing series of photographs of corners (both physical and figurative), overlaid with painted lines that obscure part of the underlying picture. The application of paint onto the photograph's surface changes the photograph's status: what was, prior to painting, an image, a window onto another space at another time, now becomes an object, a surface with a materiality that is physical and very much in the room. The photographic image has been in a sense ruined, interrupted, and ultimately transformed. There is a dialogue or even a contest between the photograph and the paint, where each medium vies for primacy while working towards a synthetic whole akin to abstraction. These works might evoke the very collaborative process in which we are involved: two trajectories intersecting to meet in a self-supporting structure.


Image of Nongfu Spring Corner
Nongfu Spring Corner


Image of Fish Camp Corner
Fish Camp Corner